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Frequently Asked Questions

Read the Q&As below for more information on our frames and what to expect from our custom flower framing process. Have a question not answered below?

How far in advance should I book in my bouquet?


We advise you contact us to book in your bouquet at least 2 weeks before your wedding / event / drop off date, although booking 3-6 months in advance will guarantee available space in one of our flower presses. Last minute drop offs will always be accommodated, where possible.

When and how should I drop off my bouquet?


Flowers are usually dropped to our Whistler location (in Function Junction) the day after your wedding or a local pick-up can be arranged for an additional fee. We advise keeping all flowers in fresh water and a cool place (the fridge is ideal!) until drop off, to ensure they don't dry out before they are pressed. If your flowers are deemed to be in an unworkable condition, you will receive a deposit refund and your order will be cancelled.

How long does the whole process take?


After we receive your flowers, we like to allow up to 12 weeks for your frames to be ready for pick-up or shipping. The pressing and arranging period is very delicate and some flowers take longer than others to dry, depending on the season. The design process is specific to each frame and can’t be rushed!


I’m not from Whistler BC - can I still order a floral frame?


We take orders from across Canada, you just need to ship your fresh flowers to us within 1-2 days via UPS. If your flowers do not get to us in good enough condition, you will be notified. If your flowers are deemed to be in an unworkable condition, you will receive a deposit refund and your order will be cancelled. Tips, tricks, and instructions on how to ship your bouquet are sent after confirming your order with us. 

Why should I not press and frame my bouquet myself at home?

DIY pressing at home can be a lot of fun but risky if you haven't done it before and requires a specially made, extra large flower press for most wedding bouquets. Flowers can often break, discolour, rot or go mouldy in the wrong pressing environment and without the right type of pressing materials used. Bridal bouquets are so sentimental so we advise using a professional service to ensure the best results. We also have lots of experience in creating unique and beautiful frame designs specific to the flowers provided, so we think it's worth the extra investment to enjoy your hand-crafted flower frame for a lifetime!

Why are flower frames priced from $275?

Pressing and framing flowers is a very delicate, lengthy and meticulous process! Deconstructing and pressing a wedding bouquet can take up to 2 hours. The flowers then need to be checked on halfway through the pressing process and new layers of paper added if necessary. Removing flowers from the press, arranging them, reconstructing some flowers petal by petal, designing layout options, glueing everything in place, securing the frame, cleaning the frame, securely packaging and shipping your order can take another 4-6 hours in total. Add in material costs, workspace rental and heating costs to make sure the flowers dry properly and it quickly adds up! We have price-checked against other similar bouquet preservation services in the US and we are currently offering substantially lower frame pricing for the same product, to be more inclusive of a variety of client budgets.


How are my flowers pressed and preserved? 


Flowers are trimmed, pruned and sometimes deconstructed before being pressed in large, specially made wooden presses at our studio. The presses are kept in a warm and dry space for a number of weeks to help reduce all moisture and mould, which can often affect DIY flower pressing. Absorbent paper and card is layered and used to help dry out the flowers, and the paper used is specific to each type of flower and their moisture content. 


Will my entire bouquet be pressed?


We try to press as much of the bouquet as possible, usually prioritising the best quality and in best condition flowers from your bouquet. We avoid using any flowers that are too dry or have started to crack or discolour already.


Will the colours in my bouquet change during the preservation process?


Many flowers naturally change colour as they preserve and dry and will continue to evolve slowly over time. Some go darker, others lighter and some will get a more sepia look. This all depends on the type of flower and how fresh they are when we receive them. We don't use any artificial colour enhancers on your flowers as we want them to remain intact long term.


Are there flowers I should include in my wedding bouquet, if I want it pressed?


Certain types of flowers do press and dry better than others. We advise speaking with your florist and mentioning that you would like to press your flowers after your event. Check out our Frames page for more information on flower selection.


What frame sizes are available?


We usually suggest 13” x 16” or 16" x 20" for bridal bouquets, however it usually depends on how many flowers are available from your bouquet. We have the following frame sizes available in double glass:


11" x 14" White, Black or Dark Wood Frame - $275
13" x 16" Black or White Frame - $325
16" x 20" Black or White Frame - $375
Larger custom sizes and frame colours also available on request - $400+

Can I choose my design style?

Yes, we discuss your preferred design and what's possible with your flowers once they are pressed. We generally work with three different designs - the Deconstructed Bouquet which shows flowers ornately placed across the entire frame, the Birdseye Bouquet which resembles the view of looking down on your bouquet and the Growing Garden Bouquet, which shows flowers growing upwards from the bottom of the frame.

How do I care for my frame?


We recommend placing the frame away from direct sunlight and away from steam (in the bathroom) as moisture may get inside the frame over time. The glass can be gently cleaned with glass cleaner, making sure not to shake or jolt the frame.


Can you press already dried bouquets?


We only press flowers from fresh and cannot work with flowers that have already been dried.


How does payment work?


We ask for a $100 deposit to secure your place in the press! Final payment is then required prior to delivery or collection of your finished frame.

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